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 TOWNPLANNER SRL              

GERHARD BOLTEN is an indipendent architect, consulting and planning for public and privat clients. He is member of BDA (Bund Deutscher Architekten), a society of the best reputated german architects, and of SRL, a society of town and regional planners.
He ist further on president of the ArchitekturCentrum, Hamburg.
He is officially appointed by the Chamber of Architects in Hamburgas an expert for planning and valuation.
He works as Head of the Advisory Committee at this Chamber.

The office covers these subjects:

  • design
  • advice
  • feasibility studies
  • assessment of profitability
  • detail planning and terms of tender
  • site supervision
  • o.a. for one family houses, living estates, hotels, offices and trade buildings,
  • public buildings, refurbishments
  • townplanning design
  • expert opinions
  • masterplans
  • design of zoning plans
  • ascertainment of value
  • e.o. conc. the developability
  • e.o. conc. building legislations
  • e.o. conc. spec. technical and physical problems
Gerhard Bolten is an off. appointed expert and sworn in by the Chamber of Architects, Hamburg. He gives expert opinions concerning design and construction of buildings and estimations to court, administration bodies and to privat clients.
GERHARD BOLTEN cooperates with other well reputated planning experts (a.o. for statics, ecology, traffic planning etc.). He runs offices in HAMBURG und BREMEN.
Predesign for a rural restaurant and guesthouse.
Sketch.  (1998)

D - 20354 Hamburg, Alsterufer 20 B
Tel. :+49 40 // 41 33 99 30 Fax+49 421 // 223 90 99